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9th December 2005 Website Re-luanch and Monosynth goes GPL
11th October 2005 Refined Audiometrics system 100 released
31st July 2005 Ex-demo Chameleons sold out!


Website Re-launch and Monosynth goes GPL

Website Re-launch9th December 2005
We've given the website a major overhaul and facelift. This is to help improve navigation around the site and also to ensure that our website works across all modern browsers. Great care has gone into the re-design of the site and we hope you like the new look and feel.
We've also added a new application, Entity, a superb sounding, GPL, polysynth created by Tony Hardie-Bick

We've also made the SoundArt monosynth example a GPL skin, this is to help other sound skin developers share their Chameleon sound skins with the rest of the world.

And, just to dispell any rumours, SoundArt is still very much alive and kicking!
There is lots of work going on in the background, so expect more announcements soon!

Refined Audiometrics System 1000

Refined Audiometrics System 100011th October 2005
Refined Audiometrics Laboratory announces the release of its entry-level hearing enhancement system, the Refined Audiometrics System 1000.
This new, high-performance, system produces sonic results that approach the theoreitically implied restoration for persons with imperfect hearing. But unlike System 2000 and System 5000, this version runs on an embedded DSP inside the Soundart Chameleon from Spain. Audio is processed at 48 KHz sample rate and 24-bit resolution for quality sonic results. This entry-level system offers the lowest cost alternative to our higher-end Systems 2000 and 5000.

The intended audience is audio professionals who may have lost some of their edge, performing artists who have blown their ears, and former audiophiles. Hearing imperfections can be accommodated from very slight at the highest frequencies, to very serious loss over the entire spectrum. System 1000 requires a sustained computational performance of 80 MIPS, using 24-bit processing precision, which is provided by a FreeScale 56303 inside the Chameleon box. The front panel user controls and communications with the DSP are carried out by a FreeScale ColdFire processer in the same box. The code has been carefully hand-crafted from DSP Assembly language to squeeze maximum performance from the DSP.

The degree of hearing correction required can be set either by a single knob adjustment, which suffices for many listeners, or by entering detailed audiology measurements for both left and right channel hearing. The single knob adjustment is made possible as the result of advanced breakthroughs in understanding the nature of human loudness perception.

Using the dialed hearing information a sophisticated nonlinear physics and hearing physiology model computes, in real time, the required spectral corrections to reach the sensations that would be perceived by a "Golden Ear". Corrections are applied to each of 50 overlapping half-Bark frequency bands, and which vary with the instantaneous loudness in each band.

Utilizing 4-fold temporal overlap processing, unwanted harmonic distortion products are pushed below -80 dBFS when the system is calibrated to Dolby/DTS Theater standards, which corresponds well with CD quality playback. Corrections are updated at rates approaching 1 KHz, and the level dynamics are precisely matched to human hearing physiology. Throughput latency is 8.3 ms which makes the use of System 1000 suitable for live performance and professional audio engineering applications.

Complete setup and calibration information is provided with each system. Input audio signals are expected to conform to K-17 wide-band RMS levels using -10 dBV audio levels.

For further information, or requests for configurations to meet specific needs, contact Refind Audiometrics at:

Ex-Demo Chameleons Sold out!

Ex-demo chameleons sold out31st July 2005
All the ex-demo Chameleons have now been sold.
Thankyou to all those who took the opportunity to purchase a Chameleon at this once in a life time price.
Only a few Chameleons remain in stock, so don't miss out!
Click here to purchase one before stocks run out.