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Chameleon Toolkit

This is the TOOL

Chameleon Toolkit, Click for larger image
You'll use it to download and debug applications into the Chameleon's heart.
The Toolkit accesses the hardware through the device RS-232 port, and it can download applications either to be executed in the RAM memory for debug, or in to be stored in the FLASH non volatile memory and completely change the skin and behaviour of the animal.

Debug it!

The Toolkit provides an integrated terminal screen on which applications will display debugging messages that will let you know what's going wrong with that damned variable or that weird error message...

Spread your apps

Once your brand new application skin is ready for the public, you'll need a tool to generate a standard distributable format. With the Toolkit, you'll be able to generate standard MIDI files which contain your application ready to be widely distributed. Any Chameleon user will then be able to download it by using no matter which standard MIDI sequencer to store and enjoy the new skin in his beloved Chamie.

You're the boss!

You have the option to freely spread your work by making your programs freely distributable or to restrict its use by generating a MIDI file which only will operate on a single device serial number that you specify at the generation time. It's your (and only your) choice. There are no strings attached - no licence barriers or restrictions. What you do with your creation is your business.

Download it

Latest version of the Chameleon Toolkit is available in the Developers - Chameleon SDK Downloads section.