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Here is an archive of some songs and music written using the Chameleon. Each song has a small explaination about the role the Chameleon played in the production process.

Demonstration Songs

Red Button
A electronic tune by Paul Maddox (Mr Zorg) with Fahrenheit and Australis on synthesis duties and Infiltrator on sample mangling duty.

A dub tune made only using Australis synth and percussion sounds and Chromasonic effects. Recorded tracks of Australis synth sounds and drum tracks were processed through the Chromasonic dub echo effects, compression and reverb.

A piece made using Australis synth sounds and the Chromasonic reverb. It grows, and grows, and grows, and you can really hear the analog sound of the Australis synth in action.

Mola el Plastico
This is a part of a Psy Trance Progressive included in the last album of Psycho Abstract, Raul Jordan. Australis appears with the two main sounds without additional processing. Both sound simultaneously, one is the acid sequence and the other darker and low sounds two notes each beat.

Bamboo's Return
This other extract of the last album of Psycho Abstract is more oriented towards Psychedelic full-on Trance. Australis is used in the two main song sequences. The first one has the same acid character as in the previous song (but with distortion and a delay with a high-pass filter with resonance in the feedback and an LFO on the filter cut-off). The second sequence appears after the rhythm change at min 1:15, also with distortion.

Nacidos para Volar
This ambient theme was created almost entirely using the Australis synthesizer. Additional sounds used include a drum loop, some voices and a darbuka.

Reflective Fahrenheit
Little work written by the musician and composer A.Jacob where you can hear the authentic sound of the Fahrenheit Chameleon skin. Sequences, percussions and synthetic sounds from Fahrenheit combined with sounds from the Ddrum4 and a violin preset, showing that this skin is not only an useful tool for composers of Techno, House, Dance...

Moon Free
This transition work is included in the A.Jacob album "To take a walk in the night". This composition combines sounds from the Australis synthesizer with others from the Clavia Ddrum 4, Emagic EVP88, Access Virus rack and Native Instruments B4.

The Dance of the Meli
Small composition work written by the musician and composer A.Jacob where you can hear the complexity and quality of the Australis synthesizer combined with some acoustic percussion elements.

From the Darkness
A psychedelic trance song where synthetic textures re-create the feeling of "being immersed in a colorless atmosphere".

There's Nowhere to Hide
This song reveals a "strange psychological combination of sadness and exasperation"...makes great use of the available sonic spectrum of Australis.