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Software Development Kit (SDK)

Developing for the chameleon

The Chameleon is the only open DSP hardware in the world. The development tools are completely free and there are no strings attached - you can do what you like with your creations once they are finished, from creating open-source projects to selling them directly to Chameleon users.
If you are curious about the opinions of other Chameleon developers large and small, you can read interviews here.

About the SDK

The Chameleon Software Development Kit (SDK) is the tool that you use to develop on the Chameleon. To start developing you don't even need a Chameleon, as you can still download the SDK and get started.

The SDK is available for download here. It includes all the software tools and documentation that you need to create the skins that run on our hardware, and extensive documentation that explains how to use them. below is a list of what you will find on downloading it.

SDK Components

Chameleon Toolkit
Used to transmit software to the Chameleon, and also for debugging and generating distributable applications.

Chameleon Development Environment
Integrated Develoment Enviromenment exclusively designed to generate and compile code for the Chameleon in a breeze.

Chameleon system libraries, include files and sample code
Provides access to the Operating System and the hardware resources, plus application examples and tutorials.

DSP Compiler Tools
The software tools used to turn DSP algorithms into working programs, free distributed from Motorola.

Coldfire Compiler Tools
GNU tools for compiling the control code that provides the Chameleon interface.

A powerful open software tool compatible with Matlab, which makes it easier to develop signal processing algorithms.