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The complete listing of the Chameleon News are here. For 'up-to-the-minute' news and information, keep an eye on our forum.

9th July 2008 New Chameleon Forum
13th June 2006 Entity VSTi editor
18th Febuary 2006 Three more SoundSkins!
18th Febuary 2006 Interview with Les Grandes Gueules


New Forum!

Chameleon lives9th July 2008
We're back. A recent surge of interest has prompted to open a forum just for Chameleon developers and users!
You can access the forum by going here - Chameleon forum on forum

In Addition the old forum has been opened up again as a useful refence source, though as read only and new members are not being accepted.

Entity VSTi editor

Entity VSTi editor20th January 2006
Entity gets a VSTi editor.
Two of Chameleon addicts (Si-Rus and RandomiZr) worked long and hard on this to bring us this superb VSTi, which allows you to instantly access and control entity from within any VSTi compatible host.

For more information and downloads visit the Entity page.

Three more Soundskins!

Three more SoundSkins!20th January 2006
We're are proud to include three new superb sound skins on the website, These sound skins are still being developed, but the developers have let us add them to the site for your enjoyment!
Source code is available for two of these sound skins under the GPL license, and the third will be made available in the near future.

The new sound skins are Faze-1, a phase distortion synthesizer created by Remko Brugman and Joost Schuttelaar, Looper, a 4 channel, midi syncable loop machine created by Raphael Mouneyres and Phoenix a polyphonic digital waveform synthesizer, from Paul Maddox, creator of the MonoWave II.

Interview with Les Grandes Gueules

Les Grandes Gueules20th January 2006
We've added an interview with Les Grandes Gueules, who are a Jazz Vocal group based in france.
They make extensive use of the Chameleon, in particular the new Looper sound skin.

Les Grandes Gueules have a new album due out in February on the Sony BMG label and are also preparing for their next show called "vocal extr�me".
They currently use 3 Chameleons on stage, so each of the 6 vocalists has their own loop machine! The next album/show will make an intensive use of loops.

Chameleon Panel Protocol Specification document available

Website Re-launch12th January 2006
We have now published the Chameleon Panel Protocol Specification, this means that developers can now create their own hardware panels for the Chameleon, to suit their applications and needs, its available on the Tech Docs page in the developers section.

We look forward to seeing some exciting panel designs from our developers. So please, if you build a panel, send us a picture of it and a short description and we'll put it on the website.