The Entity is a true stereo, no compromise, polyphonic synthesizer for the Soundart Chameleon. It includes filters based on real analogue circuitry. It was developed by Tony Hardie-Bick.

Entity includes two entire user interfaces, enabling users to go from a familiar Chameleon interface to the highest speed interface available for a synth with so many parameters.

A radical non-registered parameter (NRPN) specification makes it possible to control any of the Entity's precise parameters using most standalone keyboard controllers and/or standard sequencer software.

Enity editor VSTi Editor available
Two Chameleon addicts have created a VST based editor for entity. They are Si-Rus and The RandomiZr, well done guys!

The Entity Midi Editor is a free VST based control surface for remote editing of 'Entity'.
The editor uses NRPN control to achieve a higher resolution than possible with standard midi control change.


Latest Version of Entity (V1.01 - 1st March 2006) ;-

The Entity User guide is available seperatly.

Entity VSTi editor downloads

Developer resource
If you want to download the source code for the current version of Entity (GPL), you can download it

Tony's website is here - Www.EntitySynth.Net


All modulation sources can be applied in any combination of depths, and without limitation, to any of 87 voice parameters, including parameters such as waveform selection, octave, ring modulator source selection, etc, as well as continuous parameters.

Voices can be stacked with up to six voices per note, with programmable voice transposition for each voice in the stack, and polyphony maintained in accordance with the number of voices available. Up to eight Chameleons can be cascaded to increase the number of voices.

The synth can also be played monophonically, and has a monophonic and polyphonic portamento capability.

Midi tunings other than equal temperament can be downloaded in midi tuning format, and stored as part of a sound.

Sound Examples

The following sound samples demonstrate some of the capabilities of Entity. These clips were recorded straight from the output of the Chameleon into a computer for compressing to mp3 format.