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More details   Entity VSTi editor released
13th June 2006
We're proud to announce A VSTi editor for Entity is released.
More details   Three more SoundSkins!
18th Febuary 2006
Soundart are proud to include three new superb sound skins on the website,
These sound skins are still being developed, but the developers have let us add them to the site for your enjoyment!
More details   Interview with Les Grandes Gueules
18th febuary 2006
We've added an interview with Les Grandes Gueules, who are a Jazz Vocal group based in france.
They make extensive use of the Soundart Chameleon, in particular the new Looper sound skin.
More details   Chameleon Panel Protocol
12th January 2006
Soundart have now published the Chameleon Panel Protocol Specification, this means that developers can now create their own hardware panels for the Chameleon, to suit their applications and needs