SouthPole is another great example of the kind of thing that only the Chameleon can bring about. This open source soundkin features four parallel filter bank lines with SP-Delay and Hot Saturation units. It makes a great solution for creating long, dynamic and constantly pseudo-random evolving organic pads, ensembles and strings. The possibility of very slow modulation provides the musician with a powerful way of making huge and endless sustained sounds and chords.

This project has been developed entirely by Aleix Riera, an independent Spanish Chameleon developer. Now that it has reached version 1.0, Aleix has kindly decided to publicly release the source code to allow other developers to continue and improve the Soundskin.

It is a fat and dirty filter bank based upon the simple filter found in the example code bundled free with the Chameleon Software Development Kit.


SouthPole ;-

Developer resource
If you want to download the source code with annotations for South Pole, go to the next link to download it here: Version 1.0

Aleix's website is here -

Sound Examples

The following sound samples demonstrate some of the capabilities of South Pole. These clips were recorded straight from the output of the Chameleon into a computer for compressing to mp3 format.

You can listen to this long song where Aleix processes the song "Pink Rain" through several presets of South Pole. "Pink Rain" (or "Twilight Zone part. 3") was the first composition of Aleix included on the electronic music compilation album, 'Exoniqe' (Lightnet Music). It is often heard on the Milenio3 spanish radio station.


South Pole