RoomVerb M1 has been ported to the Chameleon for Soundart by Spin Audio from their respected VST reverb plug-in. It is a true stereo studio-quality reverb based on their Virtual Room Acoustic modeling techniques that allows the Chameleon to simulate various acoustic spaces from small bath rooms to large halls. Now, the Chameleon can be a high-quality reverb unit too.

There are rooms, plates, halls with up 20 second-long, silky-smooth tails, frequency-dependant decay control, separate output equalizers for early and late reflections, reverb modulation and a library of 100 ready-to-use presets crafted by working studio sound engineers.


Roomverb M1 V1.0 ;-

The FX-Designer User guide (V1.0) is available seperatly.

Sound Examples

The following sound samples demonstrate some of the capabilities of Roomverb M1. These clips were recorded straight from the output of the Chameleon into a computer for compressing to mp3 format.