Looper turns your Chameleon into a loop machine. Record and trigger snippets of sound using your MIDI keyboard. Looper is created by Raphael Mouneyres.


Looper Skin ;-

Developer resource
If you want to download the source code (V1.06), it is available


1 - send a midi note on message to start record
2 - send a midi note on message to start playing or looping

All functions are accessible through the frontpanel:

[edit]/[shift]go to configuration pages
[part up]select left channel
[part down]select right channel
[group up]select looper #1
[page up]select looper #2
[param up]select looper #3
[value up]select looper #4
[group down]start one shot play (*)
[page down]start loop play (*)
[param down]start record (*)
[value down]stop record/play (*)
symbols>> one shot play
 oo loop play
 ->| record

The loop length is hard coded, with several modes:


L is equal to 10 seconds (approximately).

Default preset:
Preset #0: default
MIDI channel: any
Quantification: 1 * tempo
Repetition mode: L L L L       L L L L
Left In Volume = CC# 9 Right In Volume = CC# 10
Left Thru Volume = CC# 11 Right Thru Volume = CC#12

L1:Play = note-on C-5R1:Play = note-on E-6
 Loop = note-on C#5 Loop = note-on F-6
 Rec = note-on D-5 Rec = note-on F#6
 Stop = note-on D#5 Stop = note-on G-6
 Out Volume = CC# 1 Out Volume = CC# 5


L2:Play = note-on E-5R2:Play = note-on G#6
 Loop = note-on F-5 Loop = note-on A-6
 Rec = note-on F#5 Rec = note-on A#6
 Stop = note-on G-5 top = note-on B-6
 Out Volume = CC# 2 Out Volume = CC# 6


L3:Play = note-on G#5R3:Play = note-on C-7
 Loop = note-on A-5 Loop = note-on C#7
 Rec = note-on A#5 Rec = note-on D-7
 Stop = note-on B-5 Stop = note-on D#7
 Out Volume = CC# 3 Out Volume = CC# 7


L4:Play = note-on C-6R4:Play = note-on E-7
 Loop = note-on C#6 Loop = note-on F-7
 Rec = note-on D-6 Rec = note-on F#7
 Stop = note-on D#6 Stop = note-on G-7
 Out Volume = CC# 4 Out Volume = CC# 8