Australis is a polyphonic analog synthesizer emulator for the Chameleon capable of producing an enormous range of high quality synthesized sounds, from warm pads to distorted, punchy basses. The sound is generated using modern digital signal processing algorithms running on the Chameleon's DSP chip to emulate classic analog circuitry, while adding the benefit of digital control and stability.
The sound textures obtained with these techniques recreates the character found in classic vintage analog synthesizers of the 70's and 80's.

Aleix Riera
A standalone computer Graphical User Interface (GUI) has been developed for Australis, allowing to edit, save and upload presets, as well as loading the skin itself, with easy parameter control via MIDI. Users can design their own patches, manage their libraries of sounds and save everything locally to their hard-disc.
It's available for Windows, Macintosh OS9 and Macintosh OSX.


Australis V1.23, with User guide and GUI ;-

The Australis User guide is available seperatly.

Demo Songs

The following songs were played in a Chameleon with the Australis skin loaded and no additional equipment. Only the Chameleon and a computer (for the recording process) have been used. The songs were converted to MP3 without additional processing. These songs are the factory demo songs included with Australis v1.21 which are played in the Demo operating Mode.

These songs were created with an earlier version of Australis, before many improvements were added.

You will find more songs where the Australis synthesizer was used with other equipment in the A.Jacob and Raul Jordan information pages.

Demo Clips