Monowave II is a great example of the kind of thing that only the Chameleon can bring about.
You take one open DSP platform, a load of well written source code and help files, one analog/digital hardware designer and early Chameleon enthusiast, throw in a load of sleepless nights and you get a growing open-source DSP project that anyone can add to.

It is a fat and dirty monosynth based upon the simple synth example code bundled free with the Chameleon Software Development Kit.

About the developer:
Despite being a hardware hacker and creator of the respected MonoWave hardware synth, Paul Maddox was convinced of the power of DSP synthesis after playing around with one of the top of the range DSP synths. He realised that DSP based synths could sound really great in the right hands. As the Chameleon uses the exact same technology but with an open development kit, he found the perfect tool to learn all about it himself.

As Paul says: "The MonowaveII builds on the success of its hardware predecessor, offering increased functionality, improved modulation routing, patch memory and some exciting new features".
For those of you who are coders, you will be interested to know that it is now an open-source project (as of Jan 2004). Paul adds "This is to encourage others to modify it to their own taste, but also to show that you don't have a DSP/Maths guru to write skins for the Chameleon!"


MonoWaveII V1.20 ;-

The MonoWaveII User guide (V1.0) is available seperatly.

Developer resource
If you want to download the source code with annotations for the monowave II, go to the next link to download from Paul Maddox' site directly: MonoWave II Downloads

Paul's website is here -

Sound Examples

The following sound samples demonstrate some of the capabilities of MonoWaveII. These clips were recorded straight from the output of the Chameleon into a computer for compressing to mp3 format, no multitracking or exeternal effects was used.