Amp-O-Matic is a virtual emulation of a typical electric guitar set-up, to be run on the Chameleon platform. Version 1.0 consists of a complete guitar amplifier chain and includes several pre-amplifier models, equalizer, power amplifiers and several speaker cabinet models.

On top of this, there are two monophonic 'pedal' style FX before the amp and three independent stereo FX after the amp. All these components can be combined in multiple ways to process a clean and dry guitar input sound to produce a wide range of classic sounds from clean, transparent voicings to loud and distorted screams, wah wahs, reverberated delays, phased Jimi Hendrix sounds and more.

It is also ideal for processing other sounds sources, from creating speaker effects and other sound design duties to agressive vocals and drum loops, dirty rhodes sounds and more.

Additionally, as all components in the system can be turned on or off, it could be used as an FX tool, or with a real speaker cab set up only as a virtual pre-amp, or vice versa, depending on your specific needs.


Amp-O-Matic V1.0, with User guide ;-

The Amp-O-Matic User guide is available seperatly.

Sound Examples

The following sound samples demonstrate some of the capabilities of Amp-O-Matic v1.0. These are recorded directly from a electric guitar (through a D.I. Box) / a wurlitzer keyboard / a drum machine connected to the Chameleon. Many of the unprocessed and processed sounds can be heard and compared.
The processed sound was recorded from the Chameleon output, and the unprocessed sound was recorded at the same time. The resulting wav files were finally encoded in mp3 whithout further processing.

These next examples include other instruments and you can also hear the dry, unprocessed versions