FX Designer

FX Designer is a digital audio effect processor implemented by 3D FX experts SpinAudio for the Chameleon. It has a flexible signal processing design that allows to produce such audio effects as chorus, flanger, phaser, spatial effects, various simple reverbs and any combination of above. Now you can run the famous FX Designer VST into a standalone rack, the Chameleon. No computer needed!

The main idea behind this soundskin is provide an easy way to create various delay based effects from the basic building blocks: comb and allpass filters. Many audio effects like phaser, chorus, flanger, reverb, delay are made by interconnecting these basic blocks into a network. For example chorus and flanger can be made by a series of parallel comb filters, phaser is a series of allpass filters and a basic reverb is a combination of 4 parallel comb filters followed by a series of two allpass filters.

But FX Designer is not just for creation of well-known effects that can be implemented standalone much better - it's designed to create new, unheard before effects. Take an example: With it it's possible to make a reverb that would sound like a room with sizes warping over time in impossible ways.

To create all that variety of the effects FX Designer offers 6 modulated delay lines with comb/allpass mode switch, 6 assignable LFOs and flexible tap signal router that allows to interconnect taps into a network.


FX-Designer V1.01 ;-

The FX-Designer User guide (V1.01) is available seperatly.


You can, of course, download the trial version of the VST plugin from their web page to learn how to do some of the great effects that can be done with this Chameleon skin by looking at their presets bank.

Sound Examples

The following sound samples show FX Designer in action using the supplied factory presets. These have been recorded directly from a Chameleon and converted to MP3 without further processing. Both the unprocessed and processed sounds can be heard and compared.


FX Designer