Fahrenheit is the Chameleon-based evolution of the electronic music making machines that were introduced in the early 80's from Japan, and have since become collecters items.

The now-classic bassline monosynth was intended to emulate a real bass player, maybe as a practice aid for guitarists, while the classic rhythm boxes that they made were developed to try to emulate real drummers. However, at the time many musicians didn't like them as the machines simply sounded synthetic and could not replace the real thing. But the development of music always takes unexpected turns.

It was not until later on, when musicians searching for something new rediscovered these products that were sitting in second hand shops, and ironically the machines began to become essential kit in the new, beautifully synthetic sounds of the latest music. Struggling hip-hop artists, who created brand new, powerful musical statements by turning things like their record players into musical instruments, also took to drum machines as they gave birth to one of the most popular musical styles in the world. Meanwhile underground club musicians made the synths scream and squelch and pushed the machines to create sonic effects never intended when they were built. Along with other revolutionary music production techniques, the unorthodox use of these machines has played a fundamental part in the new worldwide musical developments that have inspired whole counter-cultures and their sounds are now familiar to everyone.

The idea behind Fahrenheit is to not only recreate these sounds and their parameters, but go beyond a simple reproduction of these classics to provide a core tool for live dance music production. So we have incorporated some new functions to keep you creative too.


Fahrenheit V1.1, with User guide ;-

The Fahrenheit User guide is available seperatly.

Sound Examples

These effects were recorded straight from the output of the Chameleon into a computer for compressing to mp3 format. Often the realtime controls on the front panel of the Chameleon were used to shape the FX during the take.